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Our famous half moon shaped bar at Leo's Grandevous is one of the best bars in Hoboken New Jersey to hang out and talk with your friends over a drink or a few. We invite you to stay and relax at our Hoboken New Jersey bar and to make that possible we serve our full menu to our bar customers. Whether you want to enjoy one of our bar pies or a plate of pasta with your drinks, we're happy to have you sit and enjoy your full meal at our bar. As the night moves on the sounds of Sinatra, light jazz and your favorite pop hits fill the air, making a good time into a great time. Come sit down at one of the best Hoboken NJ bars and see for yourself the difference it makes when we attend to each customer one at a time. Of course, you don't have to sit at our bar to enjoy a drink. Sit down at any of our comfortable dining room tables and enjoy your favorite libations brought to your table. Whether you prefer beer, wine, or a classic craft cocktail, we have the delicious food and the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy it.
Established 1939

200 Grand St, Hoboken NJ
T: (201) 659-9467